General Conditions: Instrumental and Vocal

Instrumental and Vocal Competitions

Date: August 10th 2019

Venue:  Nelson Centre of Musical Arts

Closing date for entry: 29th June 2019

No late entries accepted

Adjudicator copies to be sent to the secretary or convenor

Contestants are urged to submit entries online

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General Conditions

Who can enter

  1. Amateur Status: (unless otherwise stated.) These competitions are open to amateurs whose regular income is not derived from the exercise of their talents.
  2. Age Limits: Any age specified in this syllabus means the competitor’s age at the commencement of the festival – midnight before the opening session.
  3. Beginner: A beginner is defined as a competitor in vocal or instrumental classes who, at the beginning of the Festival, has had less than two years tuition or, in speech, has had less than one year tuition.
  4. Competitors compete at their own risk

How to enter

Entries: Complete the online form

Entries, accompanied by the necessary fees, must reach the Secretary by post or website form on or before 1st July 2019.

Entry fees – Absolutely non-refundable

Instrumental and VocalCost
Administration fee (includes NPAC Year membership)$12.00
Recitals and groups - vocal and instrumental$15.00
PACANZ nomination class$20.00

Performance Items

  1. Time limit: All entries limited to 3 minutes unless otherwise specified. In some circumstances, and at the judge’s discretion, a bell may be rung to indicate the end of a performance.
  2. Duplication of performances: No item may be used by a competitor in more than one class of the Competition.
  3. No competitor will be permitted to present an item for which he or she has previously been placed in the Nelson Competitions.
  4. Duplicate copies of all items for the Adjudicator must be provided by the competitors. For copyright reasons the original version must be available at the venue. Note: Adjudicator copies must be sent with your entry, and must be clearly marked with class number and competitor name.

Speech copies must be typed or photocopied; books are not acceptable. All copies must have competitor and class number written on top right hand corner.

Note: Copies of poetry, prose and drama must be sent to the Section Convener at the time of entry.


    1.  Classes: The committee reserves the right to merge or split classes.
    2. Programmes: It is essential to have an emailed programme

Emailed (in PDF) $2.00


  1.  All competitors are required to report at least 10 minutes before the beginning of their competition session.
  2. No prompting will be permitted except by the Adjudicator or his/her assistant. In Speech and Drama Classes no written texts should be used unless otherwise stated.
  3. Accompanists: Competitors are advised to have their own accompanist.
  4. Adjudicator report sheets will be available daily.
  5. Communications with the judges, either by competitors, parents or teachers prior to or during the Competitions is prohibited, and the Committee reserves the right to disqualify a competitor for any breach of this rule.

Prizes and Trophies

  1. Certificates will be awarded at the adjudicator’s discretion.
  2. The adjudicators have the power to withhold, at their discretion, the first or any prize.
  3. Cups: Cups are for annual competitions and will remain the property of the Society. Cups and trophies must be returned – clean – to the receiving depot by the closing of entries on 8th June 2019 to:

The Emporium,
55 Montgomery Square


The Engraving & Trophy Centre
5 McGlashen Avenue

Engraving of cups before they are returned is the responsibility of the holder.
Cup holders will be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to a cup while in their possession.


  1. Any competitor wishing to protest a decision by the adjudicator must do so in writing, setting out the grounds, and lodge same with the Secretary, together with $5.00 as a guarantee of bona fides. Should the committee, after investigation, deem any protest to be frivolous or unfounded, this deposit may be forfeited, in whole or part. No protest will be entertained unless lodged as specified above, within 15 minutes of the adjudicator’s award in the event to which the protest relates. The decision of the Committee will be final.
  2. The Committee shall have the right to enforce the rules and condition of the Society upon its own initiative, without protest. No protest can be entertained against the decision of the Committee.



a. Competitors shall be 15 and under 21 years of age as at 1st October 2019

b. This award is open to competitors on any (non-electric) acoustic instrument. *
c. The programme should consist of three contrasting pieces from different periods of musical history, i.e. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century or Contemporary.
d.  Each competitor shall perform a programme of 15-20 minutes duration. There will be a percentage mark for the complete programme. A penalty of 5 marks will be imposed if the time limit is preceded or exceeded by 30 seconds or more.
e. There will be a semi-final of up to six competitors who will repeat their full programme, as set out in B. and C. Competitors will be chosen based on their marks in the Preliminary round.
f. For the Final Award Concert three competitors will be recalled and will perform one piece, which the adjudicator will choose, from their original programme.


Society Nomincation

Each Society, which is a financial member of PACANZ, may nominate up to two competitors, which shall be selected by the adjudicator, based on a performance as outlined in A-D (above).
The adjudicator will determine that a competitor has displayed a sufficient standard of performance to competently represent that society at the National Finals.
The standard required will be at the absolute discretion of the adjudicator but will include;

• A demonstration of adequate preparation
• An authority of performance
• A performance with a level of maturity commensurate with a national final competition of this age group.

If the adjudicator considers that sufficient standard has NOT been reached by any competitor, then NO nomination will be made.
The Nominating Society is responsible for paying part of the entry fee to the National Young Performer Awards, which is $75.00 incl gst.
The Nominee is responsible for paying their portion of the entry fee to the National Young Performer
Awards, which is $175.00 incl gst.

Direct entry Nomination

If the adjudicator considers that more than two competitors have reached a sufficient standard, the adjudicator may report to the committee that those competitors should be given the option of a direct Entry Nomincation

The Direct entry competitor will be responsible for paying the full entry fee, which is $250.00 incl gst.

*NB as PACANZ runs a separate pianoforte competition in the following year, pianoforte is not included under Acoustic Instruments


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