Competition Signup: Dance

Entry fees (absolutely non-refundable)

Administration fee (includes NPAC Year membership) $12.00
Championship Solos$15.00
Teams over 6 people$18.00

There will be no admission fee charged at the door.

All Competitors must agree and have read our Dance competition conditions.


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NPAC membership
  • NPAC Membership is $12 per year
  • NPAC membership is a requirement for entry into NPAC competitions

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Yes - Competing as an individual
Yes - Competing in AND registering a Group
Yes - Competing as an individual AND in a Group that someone else has registered
No - Competing ONLY in a Group that someone else has registered
No – Only competing in a NCMA Scholarship class

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Please don't select anything from the categories below, as you are not required to pay for your entry. Your Group/Ensemble/Troupe is responsible for this.

NOTE: Competitors are free to select from multiple age ranges provided they fit the selected age groups

(time maximum: 3 minutes) Under 8 years

(time maximum: 3 minutes) 8 to 10 years

(time maximum: 3 minutes) 10 to 12 years

(time maximum: 3 minutes) 12 years and under

(2 speeds)

(time maximum: 4 minutes) 13 years and under 15 years

(3 speeds)

(time maximum: 4 minutes) 15 years and over

(3 speeds)


Entry criteria

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